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         柯士甸路20 號保發商業大廈13 樓1302室, 九龍, 九龍   Radio
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ADY Technologies Ltd. - Hong Kong Manufacturer

ADY Technologies Ltd. informations. ... ADY Technologies Ltd. Country: Hong Kong. Address: Room 1302, Perfect Commercial Building, 20 Austin Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong ...   more

Whale Wars: Technology of the Ady Gil : Video ...

After the Ady Gil was demolished, Pete Bethune was on a mission to board the Shonan Maru #2 and deal with the situation. ... Sea Shepherd's high-tech Ady Gil sunk after a collision with Japanese whalers. ...   more

Sea Shepherd Society's trimaran 'Ady Gil' sheared in ...

The Ady Gil - a high-tech speedboat that resembles a stealth bomber - was hit by the Shonan Maru and had about 10 feet of its bow knocked off. ... I never said that the Ady gil just had a lick of paint, there is far more technology on ...   more

YouTube - ADY GIL - R.I.P Tribute

I know the "ADY GIL" is being Cradled by the Ross Sea and every Whale After Whale Giving Thanks For Her Help! ... 1:29 Add to Added to queueHowe & Howe Tech: Crawlersby DiscoveryNetworks29,242 views ...   more

YouTube - Ady Gil Being Rammed by Japanese Whalers

As a result of this hit, the Ady Gil sustained heavy damage. ... i find it amazing that a big lumbering ship could hit a 60 mph extremely high tech pleasure boat... but got attention ...   more

Ady-Ady Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on ...

Ady Manufacturers & Ady Suppliers Directory - Find a Ady Manufacturer and Supplier. ... Supplier: SUPERB TECHNOLOGY (HK) INTERNATIONAL CO., LIMITED [ Trading Company, Distributor/Wholesaler ] Hong Kong ...   more

Electronics & Electricals - Hong Kong Business ...

ADY Technologies Ltd. AE Continent Ltd. AEA Technology Ltd. AIO Components Co Ltd. AIT (Hong Kong) Ltd. AKO Limited. AMG Corporation Limited ... Technologies Inc. Alternate Source Ltd. Altfield Enterprises Ltd. Alto Products w/o ...   more

Sea Shepherds Ady Gil Boat Sunk: Pics, Videos, Links, News

The Ady Gil, a stealth boat used by the anti-whaling group Sea Shepherds, was cut in half by a Japanese vessel in the Antarctic this morning. ... Shonan Maru as Vessel A or just A, The Ady Gil as Vessel B and the Bob Barker Vessel C. ...   more


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Ady Technologies柯士甸路20 號保發商業大廈13 樓1302室九龍九龍852 27221139