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Picasso Business Center
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Picasso Business Center
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    About Us

    From HK$ 75/month open your delegation in Europe (Spain) with your own european telephone number and attended in spanish, english, french, german and italian with the name of your company.

    Virtual Office Rates in Spain:

    • Basic HK$ 75/month + vat
    • Advanced HK$ 375/month + vat
    • Complete HK$ 790/month + vat

    Your company in our business centre located in the financial district of Malaga, surrounded by a multitude of banks, insurance agencies, law firms, tax consultants, agencies, notaries, real estate agencies, shopping centres, hotels, consulates and public buildings.

    1 minute walk from the EFE news agency, Spanish national radio (RNE) and Spanish radio television (RTVE). 4 minute walk from the Junta de Andalucía, the immigration office, the German consulate and the British consulate. 9 minute walk from the bus station, metro stop, AVE train station and post office. 16 minutes by car according to google maps from Malaga international airport. Less than 12 minutes walk from the main banks in Spain: Deutsche Bank, Santander Bank, Santander Consumer Finance, CaixaBank, Unicaja Bank, Ibercaja Bank, March Bank, Cajamar, Caja Rural del Sur, Novo Banco, Abanca, Cajasur Kutxabank, Sabadell Bank, ING Bank, BBVA, Caja Rural de Granada, Attijariwafa Bank Europe, Targobank and Bankinter.

    Malaga is considered the Silicon Valley of southern Europe as it concentrates 50% of the exports produced by the New Information and Communication Technologies sector in southern Spain. It has 131,395 active companies in the province of Malaga (2020), it is the 4th city with the most economic activity in Spain, the most important international airport in southern Europe, Malaga has the largest industrial estate in southern Spain with an average turnover 1,000 million euros per year. It is the 5th busiest seaport in Spain, the 6th most important port in the Mediterranean Sea for cruise ships and had 534,681 tourists in the province of Malaga (2019).

    Sell your products and services to 447 million customers in the European market from our Picasso Business Centre in the financial district of the city of Malaga, Costa del Sol, Spain.


    1) European business address: Registered office, commercial and/or tax address in the financial district of Malaga, Costa del Sol (Spain), scanned and postal forwarding daily. Register in Europe on Google Maps.

    2) Basic web design: Your first SSL/TLS secure website with the privileged domain and a prestigious email redirected to yours.

    3) European phone number: Exclusive commercial telephone number in Malaga, Spain: 952, 951 or 851. Direct forwarding of calls to your country.

    4) European fax number: Unlimited reception and sending of faxes from Spain to any country in the world, notification and sending of content by email in PDF.

    5) Letters from Europe: Sending of postal mail from Malaga (Spain) to any country, reception of the content by email in PDF and subsequent printing.

    6) .ES or .EU domains: Domain registration .ES or .EU and web redirection, professionalize your image to european clients.

    7) Call answering: Telephone service in up to five languages (spanish, french, german, italian and english) with OWN NUMBER and attended with the name of your company. Conversation written and sent by email. Spam call filtering.

    8) Telephone management: We make business calls in spanish on your behalf to spanish banks, spanish lawyers, suppliers and spanish clients...

    9) European SSL/TLS hosting: SSL/TLS secure web hosting with spanish IP. Optimize the traffic of spanish and european clients.

    10) Wordpress/Prestashop: Position yourself with a self-managed website or online shop (GDPR included) in Europe.

    11) Company interview: Publication of interview with photo and video optimizing the SEO of your business in 39 languages.

    12) Directories of European companies: Registration of your business in spanish and european companies directories, positioning your brand in Europe.

    Picasso Business Center ® - Virtual offices in Europe.

    Plaza Villa de Castelldefels 4
    Picasso Business Center, Oficina AAA
    29006 Malaga, Costa del Sol, Spain

    Phone: 0034 952329963 Monday-Friday 09.00h-18.00h CET (On the phone we only speak in english and spanish)
    Any questions you have we will answer you immediately by phone or in your language by email in less than 24 hours.

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99 Queen's Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
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Picasso Business Center99 Queen's Road Central, Central, Hong Kong香港香港0034952329963
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