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Redefine by EVRbeauty
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Redefine by EVRbeauty
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    About Us

    """Redefine by EVRbeauty 為香港專業微整型品牌,全店引入國際認可療程,經驗醫生主理,無須開刀、不留疤痕,信心保證。使用品牌均擁有美國FDA歐盟CE國際權威認證,效果一次見效,即時令肌膚輪廓更細膩有緻,達到您想的美。
    Redefine 致力為各位客人,制定個人化的微整型療程,務求達到您所想的效果。我們和多個國際FDA CE KFDA認可的廠商合作,令您可選擇真正合適自己的療程。
    Redefine by EVRbeauty is a professional injectable brand in Hong Kong, led by experienced doctors and specialists. We pride ourselves in using world leading medical aesthetics products, our treatments are surgery-free that leaves no scars, and with guaranteed results.
    We provide a wide range of products that have worldwide recognition, U.S. FDA, EU CE and Korean KFDA international authority certification, the results are natural yet prominent, immediately enhanced one's facial contour, and achieving the beauty you desire.

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    Opening Hours:

    Additional Info:Mon- Fri 12:00 NN - 9:00 PM Saturday – Sunday 10:00AM - 7:00 PM Closed on public holiday
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    Business & Professional Services, 肉毒 botox, Business & Professional Services Hong Kong, 肉毒 botox Hong Kong

    Redefine by EVRbeauty - Hong Kong - 九龍 -

31st Floor, The Sharp, 11-13 Sharp Street Causeway Bay
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Redefine by EVRbeauty31st Floor, The Sharp, 11-13 Sharp Street Causeway BayHong Kong九龍6657 2212 (CWB)
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