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    Suavis 為香港明星名媛推薦的美睫專門店,使用最優質的植睫毛及角蛋白產品,不斷提升產品及技術,設有專屬美睫訓練學院,致力推動業界整體水平,絕對是值得推介的半永久眼睫毛品牌。

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    A blink of fashion can bring depth and character to eyes which sparkle the mystery of beauty. Our suite concept is an intimate experience to enhance the spirituality of beauty. Spend an hour or two in the most luxurious eyelash salon at landmark. Dress lashes up in our signature styles: Tulle, Princess, Mermaid, Godet, Empire and Flounce. Tailor with single or multiple extensions to echo 3 major techniques resembling classic, mix and volume. Materials are carefully selected by passionate perfectionals. You deserve the highest quality finishing with the poetry of our work. Immerse yourself in the complexity of eye beauty with the complicity of our superlative craftsmanship. Suavis Lash Couture, a nod to a fascinating resonance.


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網頁THE SUAVISEXPERIENCE. "Safety is our first priority". The materials used at Suavis Lash Bar are carefully selected, ensuring that only the safest and best quality products are … 

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網頁The best eyelash extension in town. 

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網頁Suavis Lash Bar - 睫毛服務 | 首次植睫毛療程優惠 | 中環 | 尖沙嘴. 除了加強公共空間衛生消毒及實施體溫測量,由即日起,所有客人到訪時,必須使用安心出行。. 由2022年4月21 … 

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網頁Suavis Lash Bar, Hong Kong. 6,078 likes · 99 were here. SUAVIS - A meaning of Sweet, Soft, and Charming. Enhance your attractiveness by … 

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網頁Our suite concept is an intimate experience to enhance the spirituality of beauty. Spend an hour or two in the most luxurious eyelash salon at landmark. Dress lashes up in our … 

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網頁THE SUAVIS EXPERIENCE CONTACT US RESERVATION 繁 / 簡 Contact Us Address 8/F, 1 Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong Telephone +852 2336 6328 Email Address … 

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網頁上午十時至下午七時. 星期日休息. 地址. 香港尖沙咀河內道 18 號 K11 購物藝術館 2 樓 218 號舖. 電話. +852 2886 8807. 電郵. 

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網頁ABOUT SUAVIS We, as eyelash lovers, are always eager to find ways to accentuate our eyes. At Suavis, we employ the trusted Japanese technique in eyelash extension that is harmless and natural, even without makeup. … 

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